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About Us


Cognisant of the fact that Veterans, across sectors of specialisation, have a fundamental role to play in the reconstruction and defining South Africa’s positive narrative, about a country “Alive With Possibilities”. Having traversed through the epochs and been a greater part of the revolution and evolution of South Africa’s regimes and trajectories, the Veterans have a particular responsibility to the country, that of narrating the stories of their life experiences (both the highs and lows) for the benefit of current and future generations to draw lessons; with the aim of reshaping the consciousness of these generations to appreciate their own historical contexts, which will then enable them to build on the present and prepare for the future unified by the resilient sense of Patriotism.

It is a researched fact that the existing literature authored and read across the globe about the history of South Africa’s life experiences and stories is largely based on misinformation and is scripted from the “author/victor” point of view,  leaving much to be desired when it attempts to relate the accurate historical epochs and episodes of South Africa’s liberation struggles waged by selfless and ordinary South Africans across their fields of specialisation and of interest, be it in the creative arts, sports, faith, politics and many more.

The existing literature dismally fails to accredit the fact that a wealth of wisdom applied in designing tactical and strategic methods for mass mobilisation, planning and organising of solidarity movements for struggles against slavery, apartheid and colonialism, were largely underpinned by indigenous knowledge systems. The currently published and promulgated literature about Africa’s history further fails to record and candidly acknowledge the unsurpassed level of tactical and strategic thinking of foot-soldiers and ordinary citizens who dislodged slavery, apartheid and colonialism for the sole purpose of total emancipation of an oppressed majority of the population.

The Veterans therefore harbors a VOICE that must be positioned to be a catalyst in taking up the responsibility of ensuring that the memories, memoirs and life experiences of South Africa’s multi-sectoral mass mobilisation process are re-told, re-lived and re-recorded. Furthermore, the Veterans must catapult their VOICE to mobilise for the cohesion, coexistence and unity amongst ordinary South Africans, Africans and general world communities. Their VOICES OF REASON deserve to be elevated and broadcasted across different platforms, to reveal the facts about the selfless struggles that were waged against systems of oppression and leading an offensive on crimes against humanity in an effort for the decolonisation of the continent and world.

Their VOICES OF REASON must be immaculately recorded, preserved and promoted for purposes of learning and building consciousness, about the unsurpassed nature of characters and characteristics of selfless South Africans.

In this regard, the Veterans Voice Radio Station is established to reconcile South Africans through platforms for exchange dialogues, conversations and blogs; narrating the life episodes of ordinary citizens who experienced a South Africa that WAS, that IS, and that MUST BECOME; thereby practically assisting all citizens to draw lessons for nation building and patriotism. The Radio will research, design and broadcast the content that must subsequently translated into sustainable programmes, guided by the recommendations from the Veterans.

The Veterans Voice Radio will ensure that South Africans themselves narrate and record their own historical episodes without being dictated on the terms of how to narrate and recite the history to be told. The personal characters and characteristics of the Veterans will serve as a footprint that shapes a new trajectory for the continent’s socio-economic renaissance. Therefore, the content provided through the Radio will be presented with an intention to educate and set the record straight in re-telling the concealed and untold historical episodes that ultimately shaped South Africa’s, Africa’s and other World FREEDOMS.

The Veterans Voice Radio will be project managed by the CACPIR, in partnership with key stakeholders. CACPIR’s obligation will be to ensure that there is proper and deliberate drive for the professionalism and delivery of the agreed mandate between the contracting parties with the Veterans Voice Radio Station.

The Partnerships

The Centre for the Advancement of Citizenry Participation in International Relations (CACPIR) has been observant of the un-African system that marginalises and alienates the Elderly community in our societies, relegating this cohort to the margins in our communities that amasses unparalleled wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise and skills. The Veterans’ active involvement in the development process of the country, has the potential to shape a consciousness within all sectors of communities, ranging from matters related to politics, sports, creative arts, culture, heritage, IKS and recreation, business, education, health, diplomacy and peace building, environmental and more.

Thus, emerging from these observations was the need to establish the Veterans Voice Radio Station to be housed within the Freedom Park, to immediately undermine this western influenced system and strategically correct the status quo, at least for the black majority of Veterans in the South Africa.

Overall Goals of Veterans Voice Radio Station

  • To establish an on-line interactive broadcasting platform that prioritises continuous dialogue to promote nation building and patriotism, positioning the crucial and noble role that can be played by Veterans.
  • To lead dialogues on South Africa’s historic epochs, constitutional law, knowledge systems, heritage, traditions, spirituality, sports, creatives, business and family institutions.
  • To bond in thought through constant dialogue interface with the communities and amass the audience within the South African community that will marshal a common purpose leading up to the country that is truly “Alive With Possibilities”.
  • To allow for a platform where Veterans can communicate directly with communities to rebuild their confidence of their relevance within communities, without being misconstrued of their national role.
  • To intervene in correcting the pessimistic views that are leveled against Veterans, which continue to dent the image of this important sector of our communities.
  • To continuously link and interact with the South African and world community in the discussions, research and development process of gathering the material contents/information that will eventually be the crux of retelling our historical advances.
  • To promote a sense of appreciation of Veterans that are surviving within communities and position them as HUMAN LIVING-INSTITUTIONS that will guide and shape the positive thinking of the future generations; to in turn preserve and promote the Pride of South Africa.
  • To encourage ownership and embracing of the historical contents of South Africans and Africans as shared through the Veterans’ Voice; as narrated by Africans themselves.

High-level timing Goals

  • To empower Veterans through sustainable socio-economic intervention programmes.
  • To draw an undivided attention of South Africans on the need to advance the knowledge and skills boasted by our forgotten important communities.
  • To respond and address the political context and agenda of the Veterans.


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Veterans Voice Radio Vision

To be the leading educational on-line streaming radio station that broadcasts on nation building conversations, dialogues, story-telling and recitations. The Radio will transmit, interface and feature daily conversations with Veterans across the fields of specialisation in South Africa, Africa and the World; narrating their life experiences in a South Africa that was, that is, and that must become.

The Veterans Pride

will be a web-based live interactive dialogue/conversation platform where South Africans and fellow Africans will be challenged to reflect upon the past, interrogate the present and define the espoused future of South Africa and Africa, anchored on fundamentals of Nation Building, Patriotism and African Renaissance.

The Veterans Mag

will be a quarterly magazine that will feature as its content, the life experiences emanating from dialogues/conversations with Veterans interviewed in each quarter of the year. Of critical importance about the magazine will be the Recommendations proposed by the Veterans on projects to be implemented in partnership with communities to promote nation building, patriotism, cohesion and coexistence.

Vus’ isizwe Living Archives

will be web-based portal of all the Veterans in South Africa, Africa and the World, who are accessible to render their services at a minimal fee to the client. The Living Archives will be providing services ranging from research interviews, master of ceremonies, motivational talks, mentoring and coaching, particularly for leaners at basic education level.

The Veterans Bios

will be championed by young researchers and writers who will partner with the Veterans in authoring their autobiographies. The model of partnership to be adopted will provide a practical meaning to the concept of inter-generational teaching and learning. The biographies will then be published and distributed by the CACPIR across its networks in the Continent and the World. It is further envisaged that the Department of Basic Education will be lobbied to mainstream the autobiographies of Veterans within their curriculum.

The Veterans Empower

initiatives will be conceptualise, designed and implemented in partnership with the Veterans for the deliberate purpose of acquiring financial returns. CACPIR will invest and hold an agreed percentage of the surplus made from the initiatives.

The Veterans Lekgotla

is a non-partisan platform to formally recognise and instutionalise the contribution from the living archives in the pursuit of building consciousness, patriotism, cohesion and will power by South Africans to continue the dialogues in an effort to foster nation building.

The Veterans, the world over, represent the critical cohort of any community, and boast as the main reservoir of institutional memory of a country’s history and heritage. As such, the Veterans in South Africa have the potency of shaping the patriotic consciousness of the current and future generations.

The Lekgotla will be leading a process of opening new chapters in the history of South Africa, telling the life stories of the ordinary citizens who were instrumental in redefining the status quo of unpopular or popular regimes; this with the aim to deliver programmes that are geared towards the reconciliation of a people and promotion of nation building and social cohesion.

The VeteransLekgotla will therefore enable all citizens to access and share this important narrative heritage; effectively connecting ordinary South African and African communities with the Veterans, through essential broader community debate, dialogue and listenership in the process of re-telling the history of the Africans people by the African people.

Re-telling and re-recording the historical stories of South Africa and Africa will mean that a process of unlearning the false doctrines that were imposed and indoctrinated by one race to another. This further means that the VeteransLekgotla accepts the permanent responsibility of ensuring that world communities are thoroughly taken through this process of unlearning, by nurturing platforms for consistent community interactive dialogues; and further ensure that there are accessible platforms of engagement designed to interface with the living archives of re-telling South Africa’s and Africa’s history.

Despite the democratic dispensation perceptible in South Africa to date, it is important to exercise a high level of vigilance in ensuring that crucial initiatives such as the VeteransLekgotla are not impaired by pessimistic forces, individuals, institutions and platforms that undermine the democratic optimism of our people, under the facade and claim of exercising constitutional rights.

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Location of the Veterans Voice Radio Station

  • The Veterans Voice Radio Station will be housed within the Freedom Park @ Salvokop, and it easily accessible to communities.
  • All the broadcasts will be done from the premises.

Strategic Partners and Associates

  • South African Citizens, particularly the Veterans
  • The Freedom Park
  • The Presidency
  • The Department of Arts and Culture
  • The Department of Tourism
  • The Department of Basic Education
  • The Department of Defense and Military Veterans
  • The DAC Agencies
  • The National Lotteries Commission
  • The Department of International Relations and Cooperation
  • The Diplomatic Corps, through the Office of the Dean
  • The Private Sector
  • South African Mission Abroad

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